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When someone dies, the first call you make should be to the deceased’s doctor. If the doctor cannot attend, then the Police and Ambulance should be called.

You can also call Alfred James at this time and we can provide advice and support to help you. We will answer your call for assistance at any time of the day or night and on any day of the year.

Family members are welcome to spend some time with the deceased however it is advisable to arrange transfer to our mortuary as soon as practicable. Later, at a time convenient to you, we can make funeral arrangements either at one of our seven funeral homes, at your home or at a place convenient to you.


Nursing home or hospital death

Most natural deaths occur in a hospital or nursing home where a doctor is in attendance and can issue a death certificate. The nursing staff will then contact a funeral director to transfer the deceased to their mortuary. If you would prefer to use Alfred James to manage the funeral of your loved one but the deceased has already been taken to another funeral director just call us and we will arrange transfer from the other funeral director to our mortuary.

If the Registered Nurse contacts Alfred James to arrange the transfer of the deceased we are also provided with contact details of the next of kin. We then contact the family to make the funeral arrangements. Nursing homes generally require that the family nominate a funeral director at the time of admission. You are welcome to contact us for a no obligation discussion about options, advice and pricing.

If a death occurs at a hospital, either the hospital or the family will contact Alfred James. We arrange the transfer of the deceased into our care and make a time to meet with you to arrange the funeral.


Accident or death by other circumstances

In the case of sudden or accidental death, the first phone call is to the police. Where a doctor cannot issue a certificate immediately, the deceased should not be moved or disturbed. In these circumstances police will liaise with the Coroner’s Office who will make arrangements for the transfer of the deceased to their premises. If the Coroner is involved the family should contact Alfred James as soon as possible, regardless of time of day or night, and we can provide advice and support to assist you.



Alfred James can arrange repatriation of the deceased to or from Australia.

During our 95 years of operation we have repatriated many deceased people and have a worldwide network of providers that we can personally contact for assistance. We personally control as much of the process as is possible and endeavour to ensure that the deceased is returned as soon as possible.

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