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A time of death is inevitably a time of trial and stress for family and friends.

There are many details to be addressed, which are outside the usual experience of most of us. Alfred James staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, who will help you from the very first call, through to after the funeral.

At the time of death, Alfred James can:

  • Liaise with medical personnel to organise the required medical certificated
  • Arrange for one of our trained staff to meet you at one of our 7 Alfred James funeral homes or in your own home to start preparations for the funeral. This can be done any day of the year.
  • Transfer the deceased to our mortuary any time of the day or night
  • Provide necessary hygienic preparation and dressing of the deceased
  • Arrange embalming if required

Before the funeral, Alfred James can:

  • Procure a Death Certificate and Cremation Permit when required
  • Complete and lodge a registration of death with Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Prepare documents for the cemetery or crematorium
  • Arrange burial permits for a deceased ex-service person
  • Arrange for certified copies of death registration if required
  • Contact the cemetery and/or crematorium to book and arrange for leasing or opening of a grave
  • Liaise with clergy or civil celebrant, co-ordination of church requirements for all denominations and provision of documentation
  • Contact lodges, RSL, service and sporting clubs and fulfilling any wishes relating to these organisations
  • Prepare and insert notices in the press (city, suburban, country, interstate and overseas) and radio and television where applicable
  • Order floral tributes for family and friends upon request
  • Organise a photographic tribute

On the day of the funeral, Alfred James can:

  • Arrange a special car to transfer flowers to the cemetery/crematorium if required
  • Collect and return floral tribute cards
  • Transport the coffin, and attend at any religious service or viewing prior to the funeral
  • Provide an experienced funeral director and trained staff for constant attention and, where requested, to assist as coffin-bearers at the time of the funeral
  • Provide a hearse and driver
  • Provide or collect the national flag, poppies, last post, acacia, etc. if required
  • Prepare and organise a memorial book, memorial cards, hymn sheets and Memory Tree certificate
  • Provide requested music and audio or videotaping of funeral service
  • Book professional musicians, if required
  • Provide folding flower racks
  • Provide grass matting and a lowering device for burials
  • Arrange a canopy and chairs at graveside, if required
  • Arrange the use of a private viewing room if needed for the identification of deceased
  • Provide either all female or all male attendants at the funeral service if preferred
  • Finance all additional expenses (hire of limousines, cemetery fee, doctor’s fees, advertising charges, offering to clergy, cremation memorials, freight, etc.) until the funeral account is paid
  • Arrange a live streaming of the funeral service

After the funeral, Alfred James can:

  • Provide advice, assistance and transportation in the disposition of the cremated remains
  • Place Mind Mass notices in the paper
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