Prepaying a funeral

Pre-arranging and pre-paying a funeral gives you time to think, plan and ensure peace of mind for yourself, family and friends.

The Alfred James Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan enables arrangements to be made today and kept on file for future reference at the time of need. You may choose to fix the price at the present day rate of payment and protect the certificate holder from any cost increase up to the time of death.

Some people choose to pre-arrange their funeral rather than prepay. The difference between a pre-arranged funeral and prepaid funeral is that a pre-arranged funeral is not paid for until after the funeral at the prices prevailing at the time the funeral is conducted. A prepaid funeral requires payment when the contract is signed and it protects the contract holder from future price increases.

Anyone can join the plan, regardless of age or state of health, but if under the age of 16 years, a parent or guardian’s consent is required.

For people of retirement age, entry into the plan will not affect pension entitlement as the pre-paid amount is currently exempt from the income, assets and deeming tests.

The money paid for your Funeral Plan is invested in Funeral Plan Management Pty. Ltd (a subsidiary of Lifeplan Funds Management Pty Ltd), an approved investment under the Fair Trading (Pre-paid Funerals Code of Practice) Regulations 2011. This fund is capital guaranteed.

Payments can be made in one lump sum or by instalments over a period of three years.

Funeral arrangements may be carried out anywhere in Australia or overseas but there may be additional fees for transport and other costs.

We do not charge an establishment fee.

Please call us to discuss on our direct line for pre-arranged funeral plans on 08 8272 1980 or contact us by email and Marion Hogan, our Coordinator, Pre-paid Funerals, will be pleased to call you.