Follow up

There are a number of organisations you may need to contact following the funeral service.

In the first week following the death of the deceased you will have contacted:

  • The Trustee Company or Solicitor who holds the Last Will and Testament of the deceased and the Executor
  • Centrelink, if the deceased was a pensioner or on benefits
  • Foreign Pension Authority (where applicable)
  • Medical, dental, specialist or outpatient facilities to cancel any outstanding appointments
  • Care Agencies (i.e. Meals on Wheels, Domiciliary Care, etc)

You will also have located important documentation (i.e. licenses or grants for grave sites or memorial positions, original of Pre-Arranged Funeral Contract, funeral bonds, funeral insurance, etc)

The following organisations will need to be contacted within a month of death:

  • Superannuation Company or Life Insurer of the deceased
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (where applicable)
  • Banks, Credit Unions, Stockbroker (i.e. stocks and shareholdings of the deceased)
  • Medicare, Private Health Funds
  • Accountant of the deceased (where applicable)
  • Electoral Commission
  • Insurance companies covering the assets of the estate (i.e. motor vehicle, boat, house and contents, etc)
  • Other organisations (i.e. Post Office, public services – library, telephone/internet provider, electricity, gas and water providers, Church groups, vehicle registration and licensing etc)
  • Title change to all jointly owned assets of the estate (i.e. motor vehicle, boat, house, stocks and shares)

Within two to six months of death you can contact the following:

  • Family members, friends and organisations (to express thanks for cards, messages, flowers and/or donations, etc)
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Monumental Mason (to arrange for a new Headstone or for additional words on an existing Headstone)
  • Cemetery Authority/Curator (to arrange for a cremation memorial and/or placement of cremated remains)
  • Trustee Company or Solicitor and Executor (to arrange a new Will, if applicable

For a full list of people to contact at the time of death and afterward please see Attached Checklist.