South Plympton Funeral Home


543 Marion Road
South Plympton
SA 5038
PH: 8371 1002


Seating Capacity: 60+
Viewing Room: Yes
Lounge Facilities: Yes
Amenities: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
Music Facilities: Organ and sound system
Car Parking: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Coffin Selection Room: Yes
DVD Screen: Yes

Our South Plympton Funeral Home is one of Alfred James’ most popular funeral homes with a legacy of recommendations and attendance from residents local to the south west suburbs of Adelaide.

The modern, light-filled chapel features a wide, curved high window revealing the natural sky and eliciting an ethereal mood. The comfortable and elegant seating together with tasteful carpeting and soft furnishings create a cosy, private and intimate ambience for both small funerals and those with around 60 people. In addition, a charming garden off the lounge area provides a restful retreat.

The proximity of our South Plympton funeral home to the Centennial Park cemetery complex at Pasadena makes it a uniquely serviceable option for anyone in neighbouring suburbs and beyond to provide a complete funeral package.