A poem of thanks…

‘When the need arises’ ALF_079 website image – personal thankyou_FINAL_300x200px

When the need arises
As one day it will
When each of us reaches
The top of the hill

There is one local place
Where you can plan all you need
Where wishes are encouraged
And satisfaction guaranteed

The staff are all friendly
And treat you with care,
I was especially lucky
When I met Adam there.

He answered my questions
And spoke with great care –
I know when then time comes,
That he will be there.

A hand if you need one
Or arm to lean on-
These are the gestures
The vulnerable can rely on.

My heart is at peace
Now all plans are made –
Alfred James will ensure
And come to my aid.

With special thanks to Adam Grant and sent with love to all.

Composed by Florence Stopps.
5th September 2016